About me

I am an English graduate and have worked in a variety of jobs since university – English language teaching, NHS and legal administration, care work and even a brief stint in door-to-door sales (never again).

I have secretarial, administration, teaching and journalism qualifications. My childhood dream was to be a psychologist, journalist or writer. Writing and reading are my main hobbies.

I started this blog on Wordpress to create something positive out of being unemployed. Suddenly I had an outlet for my creativity. I was inspired by other unemployed bloggers (thank you) and motivated by incredible viewing figures (over 1,000 in the first month). Soon after I got two jobs in two weeks. I have blogged about how I managed to keep on track, my struggle and what helped me succeed.

Now I intend to blog about my life/thoughts/experiences on a monthly basis (it used to be weekly but I’m so busy now). I got an A at A level Art and still enjoy it, I will always disapprove of Nottingham University’s assertion that it was “not an academic subject”. I’m also quite interested in photography. I may post some works up here…

My main project at the moment is my first book. It’s fiction but based on real-life experiences. I didn’t realise how hard it would be until I started, so I expect it to take years of careful crafting. A good story is like a patchwork quilt, painstakingly woven into individual chapters. It needs a clear but unexpected plot with fully-developed characters and an entertaining script. This is not something you can rush. The main challenge is balancing description against the voices of your characters. You can’t have too much of either or your novel begins to lack substance. As I write I become the character, I imagine their thoughts and feelings. It’s a surreal out-of-body experience and quite enjoyable.

So make yourself comfortable and get involved in my blog! Comments welcomed. A big thank you to those who have followed me – your support is my inspiration.

Find out more about me on this page.


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3 responses to “About me

  1. I don’t know if you’ve already been nominated for the Sunshine Award but, just in case you haven’t, I’ve nominated you for it because your blog makes me smile and think.

  2. James Scott


    Thanks for checking out my stuff,



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