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On Finishing My First Novel

novel slam

Seven years ago, I started writing a novel.

It was part fact, part fiction, based on my experiences as a carer.

If you want to read a chapter, comment below. If I get enough interest, I’ll release one.

It has been an incredible journey. Writing a book takes you into another world. One chapter was so heart-wrenching that I actually started crying as I wrote.

I did it to process the memories and to remember the stories I was told, tales of a lost time which are hard to imagine in our fast-paced, technological world.

I am sad that it is over, I really enjoyed writing it, all thirty-five chapters. Now I have the tricky task of trying to get it ready for a publisher. I need to find workshops to go to. The hardest part is knowing how much dialogue to put in versus the amount of description, what to cut and what to leave. I have given it to my parents to read.

Are there any published writers out there? Tips please!

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