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Insightful relationship advice

Great article on how to stay positive when dealing with negative people

Swansea audience asks panel about unemployment


After my blog post on the subject I was reading an employer’s perspective on life-modelling. It said they were holding a Women Only session, involving female artists as well as models. It said 13 out of 15 applicants for their job posts were male.

I suggested that perhaps this is because a lot of women aren’t as confident about themselves as men. Certainly I’ve found my female friends to be more self-critical and self-doubting than my male friends.

Then I found this link.

Any thoughts?

A blog supporting graduates with their jobsearch

Why being single is better/how not to be an annoying couple

Money-saving tips for Valentines

Problems chefs have experienced with Valentines diners

A study shows women tend to go for taller men–the-long-and-short-of-it-8454629.html

Tips for jobhunters – this post is on interview nerves

Why you should apply to private sector work

Redundancies (also has links to other job market statistics, such as the unemployment rate)

More tips on jobhunting

Graduate interviewing tips

5 Graduate Habits to keep up

Reframing negative thoughts

Tips for graduates working in a non-graduate job

Confessions of a graduate shelf-stacker

Benefit sanctions

Work and Pensions questions 11.03.13

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February 7, 2013 · 11:26 am

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