Bored? Activities to break the monotony of jobhunting

Hello fellow jobseekers/readers!

I’ve been encouraged by the massive jump in views and positive comments received since I posted my first ever blog (!) yesterday. Now I understand what all the hype was about – it’s like a diary, only one that can be read by anyone.

Although it is possible to fill a whole morning with jobhunting, sometimes it’s hard to look all day. It’s the same dull process- I apply for every job I have the skills for, using a variety of direct  employer websites and jobhunting websites and repeat my details on yet another form.

Here are some activities to vary your day and make you feel better.

 – Do some exercise


If it’s raining I do a fitness DVD. It’s hilarious and entertaining. Going for a run is great – the freedom of it, trying to beat your previous time, and being outdoors. It really wakes you up and gets you motivated. You may feel more confident and relaxed afterwards too. Exercise restores any imbalance of the mind.

– Make something


Whether it’s following a new recipe or making a card, the end result will be an achievement and remind you of your skills. I’ve joined a “craft pay it forward” posted by a friend. If you want something made for you, you have to make something for 5 other people. I’m going to make one a wooden squirrel out of a kit I got for Christmas, and for another I’m going to bake…anyone got any other crafty suggestions?

 – Sing/dance/do some art/play music (on the radio/your favourite instrument)

Throw some shapes! Or learn some new ones.

Throw some shapes! Or learn some new ones.

This makes you feel more positive – again it reminds you of your skills and it’s entertaining to do. Don’t worry about how you sound/getting it perfect/how you look, just release yourself and enjoy. Creativity is a great way to express your feelings.

 – Update or start a blog/write a book/start a new project


A project like a book needs time investment, which you have right now! Make the most of it. As a friend told me “you may not have this much time for yourself again”. Read similar works if you need inspiration. Everyone has a book in them.

 – Do a puzzle

It keeps those brain cells going!

 – Learn a new skill/discover new things

Learn a language, or refresh a skill needed for the job you want, again, you have the time to really learn something. Try a new skill – you may be surprised where it takes you. Training is sometimes offered for free on Jobseekers Allowance. This may help you find work.

 – Keep your house clean for guests


Housework is decent exercise, and it also impresses your guests. Doing it to music – to your ipod or the radio makes it more fun. You’ll be surprised how much better and more motivated it makes you feel. As the saying goes, clear space, clear mind. You should have friends/family round at least once a week when you’re unemployed, as they can motivate you and provide company. I’ve found one of the hardest things about being jobless, other than financial issues, is the lack of company I used to get from colleagues – the office chat (only on breaks or whilst working, of course) and their jokes/humour.

 – Write down a list of your strengths and weaknesses

This will help you decide what skills to highlight in your applications. Look at your weaknesses. How can you improve them?

Struggling to get motivated/be productive?

– Write down a to-do list every day and tick it off. You should get more done using this technique.

If you tried one of the above and it helped, please tell me about it. Or if you have any tips to add please comment.


February 5, 2013 · 5:16 pm

13 responses to “Bored? Activities to break the monotony of jobhunting

  1. lifecaptioned

    Love this post! I find that the first week after losing a job you tend to do everything at once like I did and then you become bored very easily. When I was working I joined a gym and used to go after work. I tend to find that I go more often now that I’m unemployed and the fact that you release endorphins when you exercise makes you feel better about yourself and takes your mind off the stress of job hunting.

  2. Thankyou for your comment. I too had high motivation in the first few weeks of my job ending. I agree about exercise easing the stress of unemployment.

  3. YES! I felt very ambitious in the first couple months of being unemployed and even started learning a new language…it’s hard to keep up with those things when all you want is a job, but it keeps you sane!

  4. pyaria

    I’d also suggest taking advantage of all the free online courses out there right now to expand your existing skill set!

    Check out and for a mind-blowing selection of courses to take!

  5. My next door neighbor asked me the other day if I was tired of being cooped up . . . heaven’s no! I told her. I have plenty of things to do to keep myself entertained! And I relish the time off, but I agree with missyhren, I would really like to have a job . . .

  6. I feel the same – but hopefully doing at least one of these activities each day will ensure I stay positive and motivated and hopefully aid the jobhunt with that attitude. Certainly I found after a run that I was ready to go for it, and applied with renewed enthusiasm.

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  8. Great tips 🙂 I have very little patience for people who say they are “bored” or have “nothing to do”; I hope they pick up your tips

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