Be Happy – All Day, Every Day

Be Happy – All Day, Every Day.

I found this advice helpful, and the video is great!


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4 responses to “Be Happy – All Day, Every Day

  1. Loved the video. So, I need to get shorter pajamas and a bigger sink cabinet and maybe a higher ceiling – but I have the hair and the mirror! 🙂
    I wish I was that happy and raring to go in the morning. I am an admitted night owl.

    “I can do anything” . . when do we lose that life perspective? ~Mary

  2. I felt inspired by the video too – why shouldn’t we be grateful and happy for what we’ve got and stop thinking about what we don’t have? I may try this mirror pep talk before my next interview!

  3. jontystales

    Love your BLOG and the comments you posted on The Rock Bottom Club I have used quite a few off the wall ideas to get jobs over the years and I hope something I post may be of use to you, Regards Jonty.

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